Let's Hear from Energy Bosses

Let's Hear from Energy Bosses

Nationally Recognized Entrepreneur | Late 50’s | Married, Father of 2 Teenagers | Travels Extensively

“I knew I needed to take better care of myself, manage stress, eat healthier, and find a way to exercise. But I have zero time to spare. I run a company, travel regularly, and have two teenage sons. So I just kept putting it off thinking I’d never find anything that would practically work for me.”

I only enrolled in Energy Boss after I realized that the program was designed by an executive who understands the daily demands on my time and body.

What’s great is that the program is both comprehensive and virtual. So I received the personalized programming and coaching that I needed to addresses my entire health – how to eat, manage stress, workout at the gym, and even sleep better all delivered to my phone or laptop.

This saved me valuable time. I didn’t have to run around town for weekly appointments or interrupt my progress while traveling.

An extra bonus was no guesswork. I avoided the frustrating trial and error cycle which saved me even more time and money. My coaches designed my programming around my specific goals. Everything I did was directly related to hitting my goals.

Just by changing some small daily habits, I’ve seen some big returns. Bigger than expected. I’ve lost weight and feel stronger in the gym which I like.

But what really hooked me and surprised me was how energetic and focused I feel throughout the day. I didn’t think it was possible under my daily pressures to feel as good as I do now.

I get more done during the week and have the stamina to fully enjoy weekend activities with my boys. Basically, life is more fun because I feel good.

Ironically, it’s like I added time to my schedule, which is exactly what held me back all those years from taking care of myself in the first place.

Top Sales Executive | Fortune 500 Company | Early 60's | Married, Father and Grandfather | Travels Extensively

I got sticker shock when I saw the price of the Energy Boss program, it’s expensive. There are so many cheaper programs out there online. I wondered is it really better to justify the higher price. Would it be worth it?”

I was skeptical. I’d already spent a lot of money on diet and exercise programs that promised a lot and didn’t work.

Most programs were hard to follow and impossible to sustain. I’d lose ten or fifteen pounds only to gain it back again.

Fitting into my smaller pants was never enough to justify what felt like a health nut lifestyle to me – exercising all the time, eliminating all my favorite foods, and skipping beer.

A healthy lifestyle always seemed so extreme and out of reach for me, especially with my weekly travel schedule and frequent dining out.

But my health had been getting worse. My doctor and wife kept nagging me to do something about my cardiac risk factors especially as I got older. And I didn’t like being on so many medications.

The medications seemed to slow me down. I thought maybe I could get off some and avoid others? So I kept looking for a possible answer.

When I found Energy Boss, what finally convinced me to invest was the personal health coaching that’s central to the program. I was familiar with the benefits of coaching because my company provides all top level managers access to an executive coach.

My executive coach has become instrumental in helping me become much more productive and time efficient in the office and on the road.

And while the company pays her a large amount, her executive coaching pays for itself many times over, and that’s what I have found with Energy Boss – it’s like having a team of executive health coaches dedicated to my wellbeing and longevity and it’s working. More on that later.

Besides the coaching, the advanced science and experience behind the Energy Boss program have made the investment worthwhile. The last thing I wanted was a trendy program touting gimmicky science taught by people who didn’t get my age or life.

I’m an intelligent man and I think of myself as a life long learner. Rarely am I not reading several books or listening to a podcast.

I wanted a program that improved my health but also taught me something of meaning. I was tired of reading and listening to confusing and contradictory health information. Where was the good quality science?.. no angles.. just real science.

Well, I found my answers in the Energy Boss program portal. It’s still my favorite go-to on long flights or lazy Sundays.

The program portal is online and mobile and contains all the program topics, presentations, videos, and webinars in one place. It’s awesome and worth a lot if you like to learn.

I trust the content because it’s backed by the same science being used at world-class facilities like the Cleveland Clinic with references throughout.

It’s taught by the Energy Boss coaching team which makes it entertaining and personal. I find myself going back to what I’ve learned and reviewing it.

I can pop in and ask a question any time. I’m finally getting real answers to my health questions.

I always feel like I’m taking a leap of faith when I invest a lot of money in anything. And in many ways I am.

But eventually I came around to the conclusion that if I could learn to eat better, exercise, and manage stress while working 60+ hour weeks, that would be like gold, so I made the investment.

Now back to my coaches. The team has not let me down. I’m getting healthier and I know what to do.

I saw my doctor and she took me off two medications and we will re-evaluate others in six months. I feel better, have more energy, get more done, and ironically, have less stress.

I’m happier, my wife is happier, and I feel more present with my kids and grandkids when they are in town. So I’d say Energy Boss is worth the investment.

President | Billion Dollar Sales and Marketing Division | Late 50's | Father of 2 Adult Children | Travels Weekly

“ I was not going to invest in another program where the results fade away after the program ends. Most programs are designed to keep you coming back (and paying), so I needed to make sure Energy Boss could deliver sustainable results that I could maintain on my own after I completed the program.”

It exceeded my expectations. A year after completing the program, I can say that the habits that I established during the program are still my habits. I’ve surprised myself. I’ve never been able to stick with healthy habits.

My weight hasn’t fluctuated more than three to four pounds, my energy is still high, and best of all I know how to handle unexpected changes in my schedule. Life happens and I still know how to stay on track with my eating, exercise, sleep, and stress levels.

I’ve been asking myself why it worked this time. What was different and what I would tell someone thinking about joining Energy Boss.

I think there are many reasons the habits have stayed with me. First, the program was tailored to fit my body and busy lifestyle. Essentially as I got healthier, I practiced living life using my healthy habits.

There were always crazy weeks but I learned how to manage them during the program so afterwards it was an automatic habit.

Secondly, my coach helped me establish a real wellness vision and plan for my life which continues to serve as motivation.

We focused on what matters most to me – living without limits, retiring on my terms, spending time with my family, and greater longevity.

Lastly, without a doubt, the program and virtual tools are very practical and presented in a logical step-by-step process that’s easy to follow.

The delivery of the program is highly professional and what I would describe as seamless and turn-key without sacrificing personalization.

This is something that I can really appreciate as an executive.

To sum it up, I’m confident that I will continue to maintain my new lifestyle and I would recommend investing in an Energy Boss program to anyone serious about getting healthy for good.

Corporate Attorney | Late 50's | Father of 3 Adult Children | Travels Regularly

“Energy Boss is really different than what I’ve tried – it’s created by an executive who understands the lifestyle and needs of corporate attorney like me. Finally, I had found my solution.”

With other programs and personal trainers that I’ve tried, I felt like they had one track minds firmly locked into their low calorie diet plans or aggressive weight lifting schedules.

What no one has ever understood is that I’m a 58 year old corporate attorney and that I’ll starve eating salads and my body can’t lift like I’m back in college.

But that doesn’t mean that I’ve lost the drive and fight to lose some weight, build muscle, and feel better.

I’m stubborn and head strong. Just point me in the right direction and the job will get done. I played football and served in the military.

Energy Boss did just that. They pointed me in a clear direction with a program that worked for my body and with the support of coaches to make sure nothing stood in my way.

And the virtual tools saved me time. All my training and coaching happened from my laptop or phone which was great when I was on the road.

It was a ready, aim, fire approach that worked for me and best of all left my 58 year old body healthier and stronger.

I’m ready for more and would recommend Energy Boss to busy guys my age without hesitation.

National Fashion Consultant + Stylist | Late 50's | Married, Mother of 2 Adult Children | Travels Extensively

Before I started the Energy Boss program, I was exhausted and looking for a way to regain my energy. I had no time to get recharged or even clear my mind enough to consider a solution.

I felt stuck in an energy drain cycle with no way out. My schedule was packed and I had a strict rule not to add any more time commitments to my day unless it was an emergency. Well, an emergency hit me and hit hard.”

Following my annual physical, I got disturbing test results and clear directives from my doctor that I needed to make lifestyle changes. There was no choice in the matter.

I needed to make self-care a priority and to do something right away. My doctor recommended the team at Energy Boss.

He knew the founder and trusted the comprehensive program and coaching support. I listened and did my usual internet homework on the company and team.

I was impressed and even scheduled a private webinar just to ask more questions. The team made me feel at ease and confident that things could change for me.

So I took the plunge, trusted my doctor’s advice and the company, and hoped for the best.

I’m happy to share that I’m feeling better already and my follow-up blood work and numbers have improved. I’m beginning to see why self-care is so important and my doctor was right, especially about the Energy Boss coaches.

I have a team of health experts worried about me and making sure I take care of myself.

I thought I would feel like I was reporting to another doctor or drill sergeant but instead my coaches are encouraging friends who support me on my health journey and teach me valuable tools that I use every day.

Every time I speak with my coaches I feel better.

Once I started using my new daily healthy habits, I gained lots of energy and my stress levels went way down. I’m far less distracted and feel that I have better focus during the day.

It’s easier and faster to get important things done. I’m actually saving time. But best of all, I feel out of the emergency.

I’m no longer afraid of a looming health event and I feel more in control of my health and life.

I’m out of the energy drain cycle and ready to live a long and healthy life with my future grandchildren.

I can’t imagine if I hadn’t taken the plunge and trusted my doctor and Energy Boss. My life would look very different and would probably be shorter.

So all I can say is make the time for self-care. You will feel better and gain time in the long run.


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