Energy Boss Takes the Mystery Out of Supplements

We Partner with Thorne Research: the Best Science Backed Supplements

Chosen by Top Athletes and Energy Boss Clients to Fuel Daily Performance

Energy Boss Takes the Mystery Out of Supplements

We Partner with Thorne Research: the Best Science Backed Supplements

Chosen by Top Athletes and Energy Boss Clients to Fuel Daily Performance

Don't Get Stuck in the Mystery, Noise, and Confusion Around Supplements

There’s conflicting information about which supplements to take and why, daily promises around the new ‘wonder’ supplement that disappoints, and dubious companies making products with questionable ingredients.

It’s easy to get stuck and be confused. We don’t want you missing out on what supplements can do for your body and energy. Here’s why.

At Energy Boss We Know Supplements Can Be Game Changers

At Energy Boss we know firsthand how following the right supplement regime can be a game changer. By getting the quality minerals and vitamins your body needs each day, you fuel top daily performance by:

  • maximizing energy
  • supporting mental focus 
  • driving physical performance
  • aiding recovery 

Just ask any Energy Boss coach about our personalized supplement protocols, we’re happy to share how we keep our minds and bodies top of game.

Our Solution to the Mystery. Partner with the Best

Thorne Research. Chosen By Top Athletes and Energy Boss.

We partner with Thorne Research because they are the best. Thorne Research is a world-class leader in at-home health tests and nutritional supplements. 

The Thorne team is unsurpassed at producing quality and effective products for athletes and high performers. That’s why over 100 professional sports teams and organizations partner with Thorne to provide their supplements and protocols including:

  • 12 different US national sports teams (US Soccer – 2019 championship Women’s and Men’s teams)
  • NASCAR (Team Penske)
  • UFC Performance Institute for mixed martial arts

People serious about maximizing performance choose Thorne.

As a Thorne Health Professional Partner, We've Done the Work for You.
No Guesswork.

No Wasting Time. We've Chosen the Best for All Our Energy Boss Clients.

We are a Thorne health professional partner and we work closely with Thorne to curate supplement protocols and offerings that we know will best serve our Energy Boss clients. This includes offering a deep portfolio of NSF Certified for Sport® products developed for professional athletes.

We don’t want you:

  • stuck in the mystery, noise, and confusion out there in the market
  • frustrated with guesswork about what to take, why, and when
  • wasting time and money on disappointing products and results 
  • putting bad products in your body

We’ve selected the best quality products, most powerful combinations, and a company that we can all trust – Thorne Research. 

Energy Bosses Deserve the Best. So We're Giving You a Lifetime 20% Discount on Thorne Supplements. It's Time to Take Control of Energy and Maximize Performance.

Skip Amazon. We're Taking Care of You for a Lifetime.

Whether you’re enrolled in an Energy Boss training program or just starting out with us by purchasing a supplement protocol, you are part of the Energy Boss family.

We’re looking out for you and giving you every opportunity to take control of your energy and maximize daily performance.

As an Energy Boss client, you will receive a Lifetime 20% discount on all Thorne nutritional supplements.

What does this mean?

  • You will get 20% off Thorne website retail prices which are the same prices you’ll find on Amazon, so skip shopping there
  • You will get 20% off every Thorne supplement purchase for a Lifetime as long as you’re part of the Energy Boss family
  • Here’s how. Click the button below. Register with Thorne as an Energy Boss client and every time you login and purchase supplements from Thorne, you’ll get 20% off 


Do you have questions? Or want to connect one-on-one with Energy Boss? Schedule an introductory Zoom call with Jen.