Jen Porto


Jen Porto

Energy Boss – Founder

Executive Family Wellness Programming | Coaching

Jen Porto - Founder | NBC-HWC | FMCHC | CHEK HLC2 |
NASM CPT | Executive Family Wellness Programming | Coaching

Jen Porto is the founder of Energy Boss. Jen has launched and grown several businesses and knows how easy it is to ignore what’s most important in the process – your health.

Jen started her professional career in marketing and by age 30 was running her own national pr, marketing, and product development agency in downtown Chicago.

While running the agency, she experienced the tradeoff that many of her clients face today – build the business or take care of your health. The demands of the agency made Jen feel regularly depleted and exhausted.

Not willing to accept that she had to feel unhealthy to succeed, she set out to discover a solution to help herself and others who were in similar situations.

In 2011, Jen left marketing and entered the wellness industry by joining the largest physician owned internal medicine group in St Louis, with 150,000+ patients in 39 offices, and successfully launched the group’s first wellness program.

From that experience, she started her own company, working with individual and group clients to help them improve their health and make lifestyle changes. While coaching hundreds of patients and clients in private practice, Jen gradually came to the conclusion that ambitious, achievement-oriented individuals like executives and business owners, needed a new approach, something that wasn’t yet available in the market.

This is how Energy Boss was born. Jen began developing Energy Boss using her experience and training and systematically created a holistic, turn key, customized, and mobile wellness program for executives around taking control of energy.

In 2022, Jen was hired by Headspace Health, the world’s most accessible and comprehensive digital mental health and wellbeing platform reaching 100 million people in 190 countries each day. She piloted and launched a new leadership education program for the company targeting key enterprise clients worldwide. Along with her team, she developed and delivered virtual programming and training sessions on Burnout, Psychological Safety, the Check-In Conversation, Self-Care, and Compassionate Leadership. The programming consistently earned on average a 90% CSAT rating from thousands of participating executives.

For over a decade, Jen has received training in the most advanced evidence-based wellness techniques around mindset, functional nutrition, movement, and mind-body medicine techniques.

Jen Porto is a graduate of the Olin Business School at Washington University, a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), an alumna of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy in collaboration with The Institute For Functional Medicine, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2 , and a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.  Connect with Jen on LinkedIn.


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